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Pigeon Forge: Help yourself to Dollywood’s food

Courtesy Dollywood

With so many activities at Dollywood, it doesn’t take long for group members’ stomachs to start growling. Fortunately, visitors could eat their way through the park at food venues ranging from fast food and snacks to sit-down buffets.

“If you leave Dollywood hungry, it’s your own fault,” said Ashley Adams, publicity coordinator for Dollywood. “You would be amazed at the food options here.”

Dollywood stays true to its region by offering authentic Southern cuisine at venues such as the Backstage Restaurant, Miss Lillian’s Chicken House and Aunt Granny’s Buffet. Offerings of pulled pork, corn bread, honey-kissed chicken and other comfort foods make the park’s dining experience an attraction in itself.

Aunt Granny’s Buffet is known for its connection with Dolly Parton; even the name comes from what her younger relatives call Parton.

“Aunt Granny’s restaurant gives you the warm feeling that your grandmother would give you, but the fun that your aunt would let you get away with,” said Pete Owens, publicity relations manager for Dollywood. “Dolly’s a good Southern cook. That’s the idea behind the restaurant.”

More than 25 food vendors serve guests across the park, including Village Ice Creamery, the Spotlight Bakery and the ’50s-themed Red’s Diner.


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