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Pigeon Forge: A titanic new attraction

New Titanic Museum features costumed docents

In 1912, a soon-to-become Jesuit priest, Father Browne, received a ticket for the Titanic voyage as a gift from his uncle. As fate would have it, the ticket granted passage only from England to Ireland.
Browne’s request to his Jesuit superior for permission to continue the trip after an American millionaire offered to pay his way was met with a resounding no.

In 1986, the photographs Browne took while on the Titanic were discovered in a large metal trunk 25 years after Browne’s death. The London Sunday Times wrote that the find was “the photographic equivalent to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

In the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, these photos are displayed for a realistic portrait of life onboard the ill-fated ship. The collection includes the last picture of the ship’s captain and the only photo taken of the Marconi radio room.

The haunting photographs include scenes of everyday boat activities and shots of when the Titanic raised its anchor for the last time.

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