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Whistler: Consider going ‘bearfoot’

Bearfoot Bistro

Whistler attracts a fairly affluent crowd and keeps them satisfied with a number of luxury resorts and high-end restaurants. One of the most extravagant establishments in town is Bearfoot Bistro.

My visit to the bistro begins in the basement, where the extravagant wine cellar contains a collection of some of the world’s most esteemed vintages. It’s also where sommeliers saber champagne bottles in an elaborate ceremony, using force and physics to break the glass at the top of the neck.

“We love to celebrate, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of bubbles,” our sommelier says. “And there’s no better way to open that than with a sword.”

From there, dinner consist of multiple courses of haute cuisine, reflecting influences from France, Japan and other culinary hot spots. During the meal, a waiter prepares ice cream to order for the table next to me, using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze a bowl of heavy cream.

For an over-the-top ending to this dining event, my companions and I bundle up in high-end outerwear and venture into the restaurant’s vodka room, a subzero ice cave where a bartender offers frigid shots of Belvedere.