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Travel Toolbox: Which Cruise Do you Choose?

Trip Length

There are numerous differences between a three-night sailing and a two-week cruise. The length of a trip will affect everything from the price of a trip to the passenger demographics, the amount of days spent at sea, and the number of ports and excursions offered. Your travelers might prefer to take trips of a certain length, but make sure you aren’t setting them up for disappointment with brief trips that shortchange them on activities or long trips that leave them bored with too many days on the ship.


Though the Caribbean may be the quintessential cruise destination, cruise lines now take passengers to all seven continents, including Antarctica. River cruising offers the opportunity to explore small towns and inland destinations in the United States and throughout Europe. And cruises can offer some of the most comfortable ways to see exotic destinations such as Cuba, Egypt and Vietnam. Different companies tend to specialize in different destinations, so knowing where your travelers want to go will help you determine with whom to go.

Group Expertise

When it comes to handling the unique needs of travel groups, not all cruise lines are created equal. Some cruise lines are adept at handling group bookings, accommodations and experiences; others are much more focused on individual and family travel. If the group element of a cruise is important to you, consider doing business with cruise lines that have a reputation for handling groups well and that actively pursue group business. Working with a tour operator that specializes in cruises can also help ensure that your group’s trip goes smoothly.