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Travel Toolbox: Which Cruise Do you Choose?

Cruising has never been more popular than it is now, and many travel groups include cruises as part of their annual offerings. But the popularity of cruising today means that there are many different cruise operators, destinations and ships from which to choose, which could make planning a group cruise somewhat intimidating.

Choosing the right cruise for your group is an important decision that requires you to know your travelers well and make some insightful judgments about what they would enjoy on a trip and, crucially, how much they’re willing to pay for it. Keep these five key factors in mind when doing your research.

Travel Style

Perhaps the most important thing to know when choosing a cruise is how your group likes to travel. Are they looking for an exciting trip at a low price point, or are they willing to pay more for luxury? Are they experienced travelers eager to explore exotic destinations, or are they novices? Would they prefer a high-energy party atmosphere or a more refined approach to vacations? There are cruise lines and vessels tailored to each of those travel styles, and matching your travelers up with the best brand is key to ensuring their satisfaction.

Ship Size

Cruising on a massive ocean liner is an entirely different experience than going on a small river vessel, and each offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Large ships are packed full of amenities and often feature multiple restaurants, Broadway-style shows, game rooms, casinos and more. They also carry thousands of passengers. Smaller vessels can carry only a few hundred passengers — and river cruises carry only a few dozen — but they tend to offer much less in the way of glitzy entertainment.