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Unmistakable Positivity

Ride the silver wave.”

That’s the campaign we’ve launched this year to promote the positivity that is so prevalent among older Americans after this pandemic.

Marketers of all types are targeting these consumers in the years ahead for very good reasons. Since many of your travelers are 50-plus, it’s a sentiment you can put to use in your own loyalty programs. Given thought, “Ride the silver wave” applies more to travel than any other personal interest these eager Americans share.

We all know that these are the people who have the time and discretionary income to travel, and now they have also been prioritized for vaccines. As I write:

  More than 60% of Americans 65 and older are fully vaccinated, and by the time you read this, 80% will be.

  Nearly 30% of Americans 50-64 are fully vaccinated, and by the time you read this, about 60% will be.

In our own research with readers of Select Traveler, we find the same unmistakable positivity, since these older members are your most ardent travelers. For instance:

  Readers say 26% of their travelers are ready to go now, and 84% will be ready when they’ve been fully vaccinated.

  57% of our readers say their organizations are onboard now with restarting their travel programs, and 84% will be ready when more global destinations are open.

  Half of our readers describe their members as “silver wave” travelers who are ready to go, and 46% more say their memberships include silver wave travelers.

It’s time to celebrate! The skies are clearing, flights are returning, destinations are opening, and the highly qualified travelers you represent can dust off their luggage and get ready to go!