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Selling and Sustaining Peru

“The United States, after Chile, is the second-largest tourism driver for Peru. U.S. travel to South America has been growing for a decade. Intentions to come here are surging. Interest in Peru alone has grown by about 10 percent in the past decade. Twenty-seven percent of American travelers who are affluent and well-educated say they would like to come to Peru.”
— Heather Rhodes, TravelStyles LLC

“The North American traveler has money and choices but not time. Travel is very precious to Americans — it’s not a commodity. There is a place for professionals who can offer expertise. Good advice is valuable. People travel for people. Your [Peruvian] people are an asset. And airfares here are much better than to Europe.”
— Harry Dalgaard, Avanti Destinations

“Authenticity. That’s what today’s traveler is seeking. And we have the opportunity here this week to protect authenticity through the restoration of Mercado San Pedro. There is graffiti all over it and flower pots that need flowers instead of trash. We’d love to have all of you in this room there on Sunday morning at 11 to help.”
— Bruce Beckham, Tourism Cares

“We’re introducing a family program to Peru in 2013. On a first trip, people want to see Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. On a second trip, they’ll want more in-depth looks at other areas of Peru.

“Europe is a mature market with the exception of river cruising. But South America is hot. We call it ‘trophy travel.’ In fact, the Galapagos Islands and Peru have been our largest seller for years. Sustainability is paramount — not just maintaining these sites but enhancing them.”
— Robin Tauck, Tauck Inc.

“The complexity of tourism is something that we sometimes overlook. Perhaps Peru could be viewed like Egypt — people coming here to learn about civilizations. Your situation is not unique. Working together is the key.”
— Arnie Weissmann, Travel Weekly