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Lose the Crowd in Myrtle Beach

Kayak Tour

For groups seeking an intimate experience with the rare birds and other creatures of South Carolina’s low country, kayak trips allow visitors to glide through the salt marshes and swamps. Guests of all ages enjoy these trips for a quiet way to sneak up on intriguing wildlife species.

“The southern part of the Grand Stand is where the salt marshes and wildlife preserves are located,” said Ellis. “It is far from the hustle and bustle of the area. It’s another facet of Myrtle Beach that we are really proud of. A lot of people gravitate to that area and really enjoy it.”

Black River Outdoors offers several guided tours in the area, including the popular two-hour Salt Marsh Tour at Murrells Inlet Salt Marsh. Kayaks can paddle by a variety of birds, oysters, crabs, sea turtles, minks and dolphins.

The company’s Cypress Swamp Tour travels along the Waccamaw River through shaded cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. With soft currents and shaded routes, the tour is physically mild. Guides keep their eyes open for signs of nesting ospreys, nonvenomous snakes, turtles and sometimes alligators.

For a mixture of history and nature, the Georgetown Harbor History Tour sets out for two hours in the evening. Participants learn about the area’s human history from its Native American past to its current inhabitants. Herons, egrets, bald eagles and dolphins sometimes also appear during the tour.