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Klompen around in Holland

Holland Harbor Light

Surprising Holland
Lakes and beaches
Holland is a water-loving town, with huge, beautiful Lake Macatawa running through the city and townships right out to Lake Michigan. Many visitors enjoy the beaches at Holland State Park and Tunnel Park; the latter was named for its beach entrance through the tunnel of a sand dune. Don’t miss a sunset on Lake Michigan; there’s nothing quite like it. There’s also plenty of fishing in the area. And you can enjoy dinner cruises on a paddle boat and long walks on the Kollen Park boardwalk.

Eventful Holland
A triumph of tulips
Not only is Tulip Time one of the largest regional festivals in the country, but its eight days are filled with events as varied as the Kinderparade (one of three parades all preceded by street scrubbing); a modern Delftware art class; and the Bier Tuin, where you can sample local beers and wines while enjoying diverse musical entertainment, from the Petoskey Steel Drum Band to a group called the Turnips. There are also headline entertainers and lots of local music and theater for groups to enjoy.

Attractive Holland
Windmills, tulips and more
Want to ride the whirling “zweefmolen” climb to the top of a 250-year-old authentic Dutch windmill or tiptoe through 5 million tulips? These rare adventures are all part of Holland’s Dutch attractions.

At the Nelis’ Dutch Village shops, you can find everything from tasty “stroopwafels” to a traditional Dutch ensemble for your Barbie doll complete with tiny klompen. Right outside is an extensive theme park with that zweefmolen, a Dutch chair swing ride and other exciting amusements. You can also find out if you’re guilty of witchcraft, hand crank an Amsterdam street organ and become an honorary Dutch dancer for a day.

Windmill Island Gardens not only features DeZwaan, that windmill from the Netherlands, but also 36 acres of manicured gardens, dikes and canals, as well as a hand-painted Dutch carousel.

Those 5 million tulips bloom in the spring at the Veldheer Tulip Farm while the rest of Holland showcases only a paltry 1 million tulips. During other seasons, people enjoy the adjoining DeKlomp Wooden Shoe and Delftware Factory.