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The Domican Republic, from the Mouths of Friends

Mac Lacy’s friends and fellow travelers share their thoughts on their trip to the all-inclusive Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Lisa: “I do these resorts to escape from work. I’m looking for rest and relaxation. We like the beach, and we’ve stayed at hotels on the beach in places like Fort Lauderdale. Some were very nice, but they weren’t all-inclusive. We like that aspect a lot. There were no surprises, which is great. My favorite time of day is when you first get to the beach and have the entire day ahead of you.”

Jay: “I enjoy the ambiance. The service staff was much more engaging here than at others we’ve been to. I love the size of the place and how easy it is to get around. I think we could do this with a few more couples, a larger group of friends. Meals might be harder to do together, but that wouldn’t be a big deal. You don’t need an entertainment committee — everyone does whatever they want during the day.”

Mark: “I was very happy with the attention we got from our butler, Ovideo. We’ve asked a lot of him, and he’s been awesome. I’ve been to enough of these now to know what level of service I can expect. The infinity pool over there is awesome, the best we’ve been to anywhere.  At first, we were doing five nights, then six, and now we’re up to seven. When we retire, we’ll be doing 10 or so. It’s hard to leave a place like this.”

Vicky: “I had shrimp cocktails at lunch every day. Our room was great, and Ovideo always got us whatever we needed. I liked the red light/green light on the doors so the maids knew when and when not to come in. We got jerked around a little bit at the airport coming in, but that’s not the resort’s fault. Everything here has been wonderful.”