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Cruising in New Orleans

The Mississippi River is the reason New Orleans exists. Beyond even the music and cuisine, New Orleans’ history and future revolves around that grand waterway.

As a result, experiencing it up close is an important part of any traveler’s itinerary.

Adrienne Thomas, director of marketing and public relations for Steamboat Natchez, suggests taking an educational cruise on this authentic steamboat on which passing ships are identified and the history of the river is narrated in dramatic detail.

“Groups can choose a lunch, brunch or dinner cruise where jazz is also part of the experience,” she said. “We also have a steam calliope, a steam organ that once was the way people knew it was time to saddle up and go to town, as it announced the arrival of ships that transported goods and people. It plays three times a day.”

While you’re aboard, arrange for a tour of the engine room of this steamboat classic.