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Cruises and Tours Worldwide celebrates 30th anniversary

Anne and Kevin Davis celebrate

What do Metallica, the Nissan Maxima and Bank Travel member Cruises and Tours Worldwide have in common? They’ll all be celebrating 30 years in 2011. But, unlike the heavy metal band and the Japanese car, Cruises and Tours Worldwide will be celebrating with a rebranding and a four-day beach party for all of its bank travel customers.

“It’s almost impossible to believe that it has already been 30 years since my husband, Kevin, suggested that I start my own tour company,” said Anne Davis, president of Cruises and Tours Worldwide. “At the age of 26, we were already very busy with two small children and full-time jobs. It was really a leap of faith that got us started and a lot of hard work that got the company to where it is today.”

The bank travel market has been Cruises and Tours Worldwide’s sole market since the company began in 1981.

The company’s rebranding includes a redesign of its logo and website.

“In the 1980s, my mother created our company logo”, Davis said. “Instead of using the traditional globe, airplane or cruise ship so often used in our industry, she created a simple, elegant logo that symbolized air, land and sea.

“We wanted to honor my mother by keeping a similar design but make it more current. We’ve built a very strong, viable company. We wanted to show that strength in our logo.”

During its anniversary year, the company will be using a special 30th anniversary logo, which is an adaptation of its new logo. The new website will debut in early February.

“We are really excited about our new website,” said vice president Kevin Davis. “The project is nearing completion and not only is it striking in appearance, it is user-friendly.

“Our bank club clients will be able to get destination ideas by viewing sample itineraries of cruises and tours we have planned for other banks. They’ll also be able to access the photos we take on our tours and share them with their customers.”

What would a celebration be without a party? Cruises and Tours Worldwide wanted to combine an opportunity for its bank travel clients to discover the secret to attracting younger travelers with a 30th anniversary celebration.

Cruises and Tours Worldwide has partnered with Apple Vacations, Iberostar Resorts and Visit Mexico on a celebration trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico, May 4-7. All of the company’s current and prospective bank travel club directors are invited.

“Bankers are always asking us about trips that will attract younger customers,” said Anne Davis. “Our experience has been that people in their 50s and 60s suddenly appear when an all-inclusive beach vacation is offered at a great value.

“We have one bank that attracted about 35 people on their first all-inclusive trip, and each year that number has grown to where they had 85 people on their most recent trip to Mexico. Many of those travelers were new to the bank and in the younger age bracket that the bank was trying to reach.”

Coverage of incidents in Mexico has had a negative impact on tourism to the country, but the Davises both feel the fear to visit Mexico is unwarranted.

“The violence is in the border areas,” said Anne Davis. “It’s not near the resort areas at all. It’s like saying you shouldn’t travel to St. Louis because there is violence in Chicago.

“Mexico is absolutely gorgeous with its palm trees, white sand beaches and turquoise water. The people are friendly, the shopping is fun, and the historic and ecological attractions are abundant.

“We want to show our bank club directors that Mexico is beautiful and safe so they can go back and tell their customers the same thing. All-inclusive vacations are a tremendous value, and they will attract younger customers to the bank.”

“This package is valued at more than $1,000 per person, but we set the registration fee at only $99. We want to treat all of our bank travel friends who have contributed to the success of our company,” said Kevin Davis. “They will love Mexico, and they’ll enjoy the luxury brand of Iberostar Resorts.”

Bankers who have not received an invitation to the celebration trip to Mexico but would like to participate, should contact Cruises and Tours Worldwide at 800-435-2710 or visit the company’s booth at the Bank Travel Conference in Baton Rouge.