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Celebrating the Spirit of America

If you’ve seen the crowds at America’s western national parks, you know how resilient American travelers have proven to be. Though we all prefer to enjoy those hallowed places when they’re less crowded, it’s invigorating to see the American spirit that has welled up in so many of our citizens and so many of your travelers.

We recognized several months ago that America would see a travel resurgence this summer that would reaffirm everything about enjoying our own country. So we pivoted at midyear and created a new concept for this summer issue of Select Traveler. That’s a huge undertaking for a magazine, but we believed that doing so made perfect sense.

This Spirit of America issue will drop as we celebrate the Fourth of July, family reunions, summer vacations and the long, languid days that follow the end of the school year. And this year, it makes more sense than ever before because the global travel industry is still recovering from the effects of COVID-19 and reestablishing its worldwide vigor. American destinations are as sought after as ever.

This issue will also help address the commonly held notion that Select Traveler readers only travel internationally. We have worked hard to dispel that myth, but it’s been difficult. We know how many of your groups enjoy places like New England, New Mexico, Nashville and Natchez, but it’s hard to convince our American advertisers of that. So our new Spirit of America issue each summer will be a star-spangled reminder of how coveted our national destinations are.

We hope you enjoy it!