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‘Wish You Were Here’

“Wish you were here.”

I guess great thoughts become cliches for a reason. We’ve embarked on a travel recovery campaign around that iconic travel phrase because, quite frankly, we couldn’t come up with anything new that better captured the sentiments of our industry today.

As travel planners, you may wish your travelers were with you right now in some favorite destination. As destinations, your worldwide travel hosts simply wish you and your travelers were with them right now. And among your most stalwart travelers, there may be some who are somewhere fun as you read this, wishing all their travel friends were with them.

“Wish you were here” is a magical phrase that communicates love, absence, longing, hopefulness and friendship. We even find ourselves saying it at times to someone who has passed away. There is never a need to analyze the sentiment behind “wish you were here.”

In just a few days, we will gather at the Select Traveler Conference in French Lick, Indiana. I have no doubt that there will be many familiar faces with us to celebrate the invigorating properties of travel. I’ve already heard that from some of you. But there will also be those we will not see.

To them, in advance, on behalf of my associates and our eager hosts in French Lick, let me simply say, “Wish you were here.”