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The Group Travel Leader Small Market Meetings Going on Faith

Do Whatever it Takes for Group Travel

New Experiences, New Bonds

Those terrific travel experiences from around the world, however, are part of what brings a group together, according to Small.

“The way our tours are developed, every excursion is included. After a day or two, people relax and lose their initial nervousness. Here they are experiencing incredible moments of a lifetime together. To be able to sit down at dinner and talk about their day with new friends is incredibly bonding,” he said.

Anderson agreed. “While we have a welcome dinner on a tour where some are frequent travelers and others are getting to know each other, that farewell dinner is where travelers have not only a special bond to each other because of NIU but because of what they have just experienced together. All are now friends and are looking forward to the next trip.”

Travel leaders should know that people everywhere notice that their loyalty groups are special. Small said he receives comments from contractors around the world about how much they enjoy his groups.

“Our trips all have an educational component that is typically another connective component to the trip,” he said. “Everyone is there because they want to learn more about a specific topic. Our suppliers say these people are the best travelers. They ask the best questions. These travelers are a different animal when it comes to their interest.”