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Where We’ve Been: May/June 2015

Find out where others have been on recent trips in the May/June 2015 Where We’ve Been

J.W. Travel Agency

Nashville, Tennessee

Trip: African-American Heritage Trip to Trinidad & Tobago

Tour Operator: Trinidad & Tobago Department of Tourism

Date: July 2014

For seven days, JoAnn Washington’s group toured Trinidad and Tobago’s African-American heritage sites. The tour covered numerous historic buildings, including the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the National Museum and Art Gallery, and the Red House, which is the seat of Parliament for Trinidad and Tobago.

“The highlight of our trip was when we enjoyed the Emancipation Proclamation activities and the annual parade. We immersed ourselves in the culture of this incredible island paradise and felt truly connected to the people. This is a trip that everyone talks about to this day.”

— JoAnn Washington, group leader


Travel with JCP

Spring, Texas

Trip: 17-Day Eastern Europe Tour

Tour Operator: Grand Circle

Date: March 2015

Grand Circle took the group on an immersive tour of Eastern Europe. The travelers explored Berlin, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. The trip included numerous historic sites, such as Prague’s St. Charles Bridge and Budapest’s Heroes’ Square.

“Seeing the remains of the Berlin Wall that divided east from west and Checkpoint Charlie was a highlight, since most everyone in our age bracket grew up with these two landmarks in the news. We took this trip this year because it is the 25th year since the wall came down. We ate many great local dishes, including dumplings of many shapes and flavors. Most of the people had some Polish or German connection via a relative from the last 100 years.”

— Pam Cox Previte, president