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Web Exclusive! Honolulu lesson learned

Suzie Glisson and her Prime Time group were on their way to a fun-filled vacation in Honolulu when the wheels of travel came to a screeching halt. After they boarded their connecting flight in Dallas, the plane taxied out on the runway and, bad weather then became an issue.

“We were held on the runway for five hours before departing on our eight-hour flight to Honolulu. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the plane’s kitchen only had 50 sandwiches for the 200 people on board. There were people who had nothing to eat for 13 hours,” Glisson said with a sigh.

Lesson learned? “Take food in your carry-on,” insisted this ever-prepared director.

“While we were harshly inconvenienced with the time delay, the travelers who were the least ruffled were the ones who had brought the most food.”