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Try these tips for setting goals

Bank directors who think they lack the time for exercises such as setting goals should take note of Diane and Dennis, the Pennsylvania couple who succeed by religiously holding a yearly goal-planning session that lasts just over an hour and that results in a short, concise list.

Their tips include:
• Invite your trusted colleagues or advisory boards to brainstorm and think outside the box.

• Once you’ve listed your goals, decide the path to achieve your goals. If your goal is to attract 100 new travelers under the age of 55, include activities or journeys that will help achieve that goal.

• Document your success or lack of success, and revisit your goals once or twice a year. Are you on the right track? If your plans aren’t working, make changes.

• Make it official. Write your goals and future plans, and share them with management. As Doris Adcox, director of Diamonds at Priority One Bank in Magee, Mississippi, said, “Showing some business sense in this business world gives me credibility.”

• Finally, make the process enjoyable — think blueberry pancakes and maple syrup.