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Travel Toolbox: New Dynamics For Dining

Farm Visits

Almost all food starts on a farm somewhere, and visiting farms gives food lovers special insight into the sources of their meals. Many small farms around the country offer tours for groups, allowing them to learn about raising fruit, vegetables and livestock. These farms often have farm stores, cafes and other eateries on-site where visitors can taste the freshest-possible versions of their signature products. Some organizations even offer complete group meals made with farm-fresh ingredients grown on-site and paired with local wines.


Progressive Dinners

If you’re spending time in a food-rich destination, give your travelers a taste of the best the city has to offer by arranging an evening of progressive dining. Start with drinks at a trendy bar; then move on to a gastropub for appetizers. From there, head to one of the city’s famous restaurants for entrees, and finish the meal with dessert and coffee at a local creamery, bakery or coffeehouse. This approach to dining keeps the excitement up throughout the evening and gives guests an opportunity to mix and mingle instead of sitting in the same place with the same people for two hours.