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Travel Toolbox: Making the Most of Social Media

Share Seamlessly

One of the greatest powers of social media is instant, on-the-go media sharing. You and your travelers can post photos and videos from the road with a swipe of a finger or a click of a button. If you’ve set up a group page for your trip, your travelers can share their favorite memories from the trip with all of the participants, eliminating the need for clumsy email exchanges and promises to trade pictures. And if you encourage an active culture of tagging, sharing and commenting on media that people share, you can keep people talking about a tour and engaged with each other long after the trip ends — which is one of the primary purposes of affinity travel.


Update Friends and Family

When people travel, especially internationally, their friends and family back home can be anxious to know how the trip is going and to be reassured that their loved ones are OK. Social tools allow you to update people back home in real time and keep them in the loop about what the group is doing. A quick tweet or Facebook post to say that the group arrived at the destination safely will go a long way to reassure nervous family members at home, and a steady stream of photo posts throughout the trip might even make those homebodies wish that they had gone along.