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Travel Toolbox: Adventure for Groups


No doubt your group has taken its share of boat rides on rivers, but you haven’t really gotten to know a river until you’ve explored it on a giant rubber raft. Though whitewater rafting trips are often considered the domain of youth groups, there are plenty of places around the country where adults can have tamer rafting experiences. These can include float trips during which guides lead rafts full of travelers on dry, peaceful floats along scenic stretches of calm river to trips that run some smaller rapids. And if you have true adventure lovers in your group, a full-fledged whitewater trip is unmatched for its adrenaline factor and bonding power.

Cave Tours

The subterranean world is full of mystery, and taking a trip below the earth’s surface will give any traveler a sense of adventure. In some of the country’s best-known caves and caverns, groups can take guided tours that highlight history, wildlife and geological formations. Many of these experiences are low-impact excursions on marked trails and lighted passageways, but some caves also offer more adventurous tours that involve crawling through unlit areas with headlamps and other spelunking equipment. In some caverns visitors can even take boat rides on underground lakes and rivers.

Aerial Courses

It seems like every destination around the country has at least one zip-line attraction now, and there’s a good reason why: With high-speed thrills and breathtaking treetop views, zip adventures are among the most popular activities in tourism. By and large zip lines are safe, affordable and easily accessible to patrons of a variety of ages and ability levels, and guides are experts in helping groups enjoy themselves as they make their way around the courses. If your group has already mastered the basic zip line, consider taking them to a more involved aerial adventure course, where they can navigate challenging obstacles while suspended several stories above ground.