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A Super Evening at the Select Traveler Conference

Mark Lindquist, a motivational speaker and entertainer, told his unusual life story about being born in Korea and adopted and brought to America. Lindquist offered eight tips for a happier life. No. 1: Try something new. “Try a bunch of stuff,” he said. “Key word: try. How do you know you don’t like ‘the thing’ if you haven’t even tried it? Maybe you haven’t gotten out of your comfort zone.” He also suggested that people find what they most enjoy, learn their strengths and their passions, and know that everything is possible.

Steve Haffner, a speaker and a mentalist, suggested that audience members check their impulses, and not let likes and dislikes affect unrelated decisions. Also, curb fear, default negativity, and be positive. “Ladies and gentlemen, your brains are being hacked, and it’s an inside job,” Haffner said with a chuckle. “There is a conniving and deceitful creature in your brains that works tirelessly 24/7 to make you do what it wants. Resist it.”

The Greater Louisville CVB threw a fun Super Bowl party at downtown’s Fourth Street Live! Jennifer Riddell of the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville loved it. “It was a great turnout,” she said. “Everyone had a good time. I think using the Super Bowl as the kickoff was a great idea and allowed everyone to come together and be casual.”

Betty Cissell with the Belle of Louisville Riverboat noticed that the crowd was really into the game. “There was good food and drinks flowing, yet people still got up the next morning for Marketplace all cheery and ready for the day,” she said.

Other entertainment included a circus-themed dinner that featured a ringmaster, spectacular aerialists, a contortionist and a juggler. Two Louisville-area bands got the delegates out on the dance floor after dinner.

Entertainment also included a 50th-anniversary tribute to Woodstock with a pair of talented “hippies” singing and playing songs by Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, as well as a toe-tapping German polka band that oversaw a messy beer-mug competition. Another highlight was a performance by 17-year-old Tristan McIntosh, an “American Idol” contestant many fans of the show remembered.

Timothy Moulder of Brilliant Adventures in St. Simons Island, Georgia, was impressed. “We always get top-notch entertainment — in fact, nationally recognized entertainment,” he said. “They cover all ages at Select Traveler, something for everybody.”