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Planners Talk Back: Upscale Experiences

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “what is one of your group’s most upscale experiences?” Check out their responses.

Sarah Boville

Barefoot Travel, Brantford, Ontario

“Actually, the best is yet to come. I decided this year to level up my business with the addition of luxury groups. We have an exclusive tour to Chianti, Italy, in Tuscany at an upscale villa coming up next year. That tour will also include truffle hunting and visiting a local cashmere farm run by two wonderful women entrepreneurs from the U.S. We are sure to enjoy it!”

Cindy Cullins

Relyance Bank Destination Club, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

“Our Australia and New Zealand tour in 2012 was our most luxurious experience. When we booked this tour, a three-day extension to Fiji was added at no additional charge. I did have a small group going because of the length of the tour and the long flight time. However, the ones who went enjoyed the tour very much, and the last few days at the resort in Fiji were a fabulous way to unwind before the long trek home. The resort, service and food were excellent.”

Leslie Jerden

Truity Credit Union, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

“In general, the upscale experience favored most tends to be a meal featuring the area’s specialties in a local restaurant or quaint vineyard. The trip is the most meaningful for my travelers when they feel they are off the beaten path of the typical tourist trek and, instead, having an authentic, intimate experience. It then becomes an exclusive feeling that kicks any meal to an upscale one.”

Rob Fure

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia

“Either our impending deluxe trip to Egypt in November or the recent Celtic Lands and D-Day Landings aboard Ponant.”

Cate Eckenrode

City of Fort Collins, Fort Collins, Colorado

“We’ve tried to keep our travel experiences reasonably priced and included extras when it seemed like something that they would not want to miss. We are experimenting with more upscale travel in our 2020 tours with small group tours to southern France and South Africa.”