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Planners Talk Back: Trip of a Lifetime

We asked group travel planners, “What is your idea of a trip of a lifetime?”


Corinne Barnes

City National Bank | Table Rock Chamber of Commerce

Kimberling City, Missouri

My friends are always bragging about their time in Australia. I would love to go to this place across the world. I want to explore Sydney and snorkel in the coral reef.


Natasha Phillips

The Link | Hardin County Savings Bank

Eldora, Iowa

An extensive tour through Europe is my idea of a trip of a lifetime. I’ve been to a few of the countries, but I’d love to see them all, including Greece.

We are going next spring to England on a Downton Abbey-themed tour, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the sights from this terrific British television drama series.


Sherrie Grable

Coordinator  |  Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Columbus, Ohio

I’ve always wanted to go to the Greek islands, but so far I’ve only seen pictures. Maybe someday.


Ashley Rosenthal

Membership Chairman  |  Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I don’t know whether they still do this, but since I love to cruise, I’d love to go on one of those cruise ships that do nothing but continually travel around the world. You can get off at any or every port and see every city you ever imagined and unpack only one time.


Julie Peyton

Banking Buddies | West Central Georgia Bank

Thomaston, Georgia

We were in Africa a few years ago, thanks to this trip that I won at a Bank Travel Conference. And it was a trip of a lifetime. It was truly a completely different place than anything I had ever seen.

While the big animals were so impressive, it was interacting with the people that made for the most memorable experience. The poverty was so heartbreaking — the lean-tos they live in and the joyful attitude these people had despite their living conditions. It was a real lesson on appreciating what we have here at home.

Also fascinating was to see how they walk everywhere they go, and it made me understand how people from that area are so successful in marathons all over this country.

I also had the best photo taken while we were there. My sister was standing on one side of the equator, and I was on the other.


Kelly Morgante

Program Assistant for Alumni Travel and Education | Penn State University

State College, Pennsylvania

From a traveler’s perspective, I’d love to go to Australia and New Zealand. As opposed to going to Europe, where the United States has typically reflected the lifestyles there, I think Australia and New Zealand would be completely different and removed from what we are used to seeing here.

I’m hoping that for me, this trip of a lifetime is not too far in the future.