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Planners Talk Back: September 2017

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “How do you use travel clubs to build loyalty for your organization?” Check out their responses.


Patti Manville, Assistant Vice President and Tour Coordinator

Eagle Bank, Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

“We are the only travel club in our area, so anyone that hears about us and is interested in travel comes to see me and opens an account. I feel that because of our travel club, we gain accounts that may have gone to some of the other banks in the area. Being a family-owned bank, we can give them a more personal experience that makes them a loyal customer.”


Sally McKay, Owner

MG Travel, Oceanside, California

“I specialize in plein-air painting groups that like to travel together. They always have something new they have tried to share with the group, such as a different technique they have tried. When they find out how well we cater to their group, they tell others that we did not know even existed.”


Judy Matty, Business Development Officer and Club Director

Anstaff Bank, Mountain Home, Arkansas

“It doesn’t take long to realize the loyalty side of banking comes from relationships. There is no stronger means of building relationships than escorting customers to destinations they’ve always dreamed of going but haven’t. After taking these customers on just a few trips, they are so comfortable with that bank employee, they wouldn’t dream of banking anywhere else. The connection and loyalty becomes stronger with every new adventure, as does their banking relationship.”


Jean Jech, Jubilee Director

Home Federal Savings Bank, Rochester, Minnesota

“We are very conscious that everything we do is a reflection on our bank and make it a point to offer only high-quality events with the best seats in the house. This results in members very proud of their club and great word-of-mouth exposure. One guest per member is welcome to attend our events at an additional nonmember cost, resulting in most then joining our club due to our quality.”


Ashley Taylor, Harvest Club Director

First State Bank, Barboursville, West Virginia

“Our travel club provides activities, events and travel, as well as local social outings. We schedule free events throughout the year to members only. Our motto is, ‘Get the service you deserve.’ Our unique offerings encourage loyalty.”