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Planners Talk Back: May 2018

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “What is a dream destination that never disappoints your group?” Check out their responses.


Wendy Schenker, Vice President of Marketing

Wintrust Bank, Rosemont, Illinois

“A dream destination for our travel club that we’ve been to and that we would return to again and again is Italy. Our travelers are interested in all different areas of this country. We’ve focused on southern Italy and Sicily, as well as the popular cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice. A trip focusing on Tuscany is also of great interest.”

Deb Lukes, Vice President and Golden Club Director

Five Points Bank, Grand Island, Nebraska

“Alaska is my absolute favorite. This July will be my 10th time taking groups there, and it never disappoints me. When in Alaska, how can you not feel the work of God when the mountains peek from behind the clouds and can be seen miles away? When a whale jumps in front of you, you feel as though you are but a speck next to that giant animal.”

Shannon Fults, Member Engagement Manager

CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity, Syracuse, New York

“The South Pacific, particularly Australia and Fiji, is a destination that offers a great mix of structured tour stops and relaxing free time. The weather was very comfortable, as we were there during the start of their summer season. There was always something amazing to see, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. The mix of local culture and natural beauty was enjoyable for all.”

John Pike, Trip Planner

St. Charles Parks Department, St. Charles, Missouri

“The destination I would not mind taking my travelers back to again and again is the Hawaiian Islands. Our travelers absolutely loved that destination and are eager to return. It is not only the anticipation of the trip itself, but also that the travelers seemed to return with a renewed sense of energy.”