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Planners Talk Back May 2016

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners “How do you get through a long flight?” Here are their responses.


Jennifer Bohac, Director, Travel Programs, Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

“I try to break up the long flights with some reading, maybe a movie, and Ambien to get some sleep. Then, when I wake up, I visit with any of my group traveling, read more and watch another movie as needed. I think breaking up the long flight does help. Bringing things for your comfort is also key, such as a neck pillow, noise-reducing headphones and an eye mask.”

Randy Calaguas, Heritage Club Managing Officer, Heritage Club, First Citizens National Bank

Mason City, Iowa

“Based on the time we will be arriving at our destination, I try to plan out whether I need to sleep on the flight. If it will be nighttime when we land, I try hard to stay awake for the flight so that I will be able to sleep when I arrive at the destination. To entertain myself, I love to walk around and chat. I try to stand around in the back of the plane and stretch for a long while. If not sleeping or walking laps around the plane, I enjoy reading, listening to music and working on puzzles.”

Barb Schopp-Miller, Freedom Years Director and Banking Officer, Freedom Years, Richland Bank

Mansfield, Ohio

“To make it through a long flight, you’ll want some great movies, books, magazines and even some work to keep up with. But don’t weigh yourself down. Invest in a tablet or iPad so you’ll have all kinds of entertainment at your fingertips. Just be sure you are familiar with your device and have everything loaded to the device before you travel. Noise-canceling headphones and an eye mask can help to ease yourself to sleep.”

Barbara Wesener, Executive Director, South Suburban Chamber of Commerce

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

“On international flights, I will often watch movies. For flights of all lengths, I will typically read if I want to stay awake or try to sleep if not.”

Diane Baker, Director of Alumni Travel, Iowa Voyagers, University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

“Other than the standard activities, such as reading, playing cards, listing to music, watching movies and snoozing, I’ve been known to entertain the kids in the seats in front of me with finger puppets. I also take photos of the spectacular puffy clouds. On one particular long flight to Sydney, I even did my taxes.”