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The Group Travel Leader Small Market Meetings Going on Faith

Planners Talk Back: March 2017

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “What is your favorite part about group travel?” Here are their responses.


Carrie Fediuk, Lead Travel Program Manager

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The camaraderie. New travelers do not necessarily come to us stating they are attracted to our program because of the camaraderie. It is more because of the destination and educational content they will receive while on the tour. However, once someone goes out on one of our trips, it is the camaraderie that brings them back. They are amazed at the connection and common passion for travel and learning among Michigan travelers.”

Sybil Wooten, Varsity Program Manager

Hometown Bank, Corbin, Kentucky

“Travel is safer in a group. I love that we bank coordinators, managers and travel directors can make things happen for people that can’t travel alone.”

Frances Stanfield, Senior Business Manager

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

“Aside from the alumni engagement that it fosters, I have to say that the planning process is my favorite part of group travel. Once a year, I get to select trips to exciting destinations around the world from Japan to indulging in ‘the most exciting two minutes in sports’ at the Kentucky Derby. It is always my sincere hope that our alumni will check off the next item on their bucket list while traveling with fellow Emory alumni.”

Cindy Torgerson, Corclub Executive Director

Cortrust Bank, Mitchell, South Dakota

“My favorite part is when my customers have a smile on their face and are having the time of their lives. I had one lady get on the bus on a day trip and said she couldn’t possibly think of what I was going to show her that would wow her. At lunchtime, she told me I did my job and she was enjoying everything we had done so far. Plus, you build a relationship with them and create memories together.”

Andy English, Director of Alumni Relations

Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa

“Our alumni travel program allows alumni and friends of the college to continue their educational endeavors and experience other parts of the world in an organized and cost-effective setting. Most importantly, group travel allows our participants to build strong and lasting relationships with one another.”