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Planners Talk Back: July 2018

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “describe your favorite behind-the-scenes tour” Check out their responses.

Erma Bridges, Owner

Affordable Travel, Benton, Arkansas

“We took a tour of the inside workings of the mega cruise ships. It’s a city within a city of activity. It takes a lot of people to run a cruise ship with a capacity of 5,000 passengers.”

Emily Hart, Four Seasons Club Director

Sterling Federal Bank, Sterling, Illinois

“One of my favorite behind-the-scenes tours was the Studio Tour at Universal Studios in California. As you ride along in the tram car, a guide identifies all the movie sets and props you see from famous films throughout history. After studying film in college, I found this tour particularly fascinating.”

Debbie Doran-Martinez, President and CEO

Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce, Moses Lake, Washington

“We always try to find tours that give you a real-life experience into the culture of the people who live there by visiting them in their homes and hearing their stories. I feel like the highlight of each trip has been those experiences. I enjoy hearing about how they got there, what they do to make a living, the struggles that they have and the joy of their families. Most of the time, this experience includes sharing a meal, snack or dessert with them.”

Amy Hamar, Director

Lifelong Learning and Senior Alumni Programs Lipscomb Alumni Travel, Nashville, Tennessee

“One of the most memorable behind-the-scenes tours that we have offered was a trip to Scotland. Our host for the trip was a world-renowned artist who had completed a portrait for a high-profile individual in Scotland. We were personally invited to be his guests for the unveiling of his portrait and a wonderful luncheon afterwards at his manor house, where we received VIP treatment.”

Michael Embrey, Owner

FunME Events, DeKalb, Illinois

“We offer special theater tours of Chicago providing the traveler a chance to visit some of the 175 theaters in the Chicagoland markets. Our trips offer behind-the-scenes experiences as well as meet-the-cast on select theater shows. We also offer workshops, acting classes and presentations about life in the theater.”