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Planners Talk Back: Free Time

Select Traveler asked these group travel planners, “How important is free time in your tours?” Check out their responses.


Sue Meier

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Wilmington, North Carolina

“We make sure our trips have enough free time. We’ve found that while people really enjoy the tours, they also want time to explore on their own. People’s interests are different, so it’s important for there to be free time so they can enjoy what is most important to them.”

Peggy Fuller

Citizens Progressive Bank, Monroe, Louisiana

“I think it is ideal for the group members to have a certain amount of free time. Not everyone has the same interests, and this gives them time to explore on their own or simply rest. I also think it is important not to have too much free time so members will feel they are getting a good value on their investment.”

Jane Myers, Investors’ Club

Bank of Missouri, Perryville, Missouri

“I believe free time is important. We want each member to experience as much as possible, so the days can be busy. To offer free time for our travelers gives them the possibility to go back to an attraction they saw on the tour but was not included in our stops. Free time may also be an opportunity to simply relax and reflect on the day they had.”

Robin Torbron Warde

Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island

“Free time is not always all that important. It depends entirely on the itinerary.”

Jeff Wendorf

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

“Our travelers certainly enjoy their free time and dinners on their own. When hosting, I make it a point to research restaurants and attractions they could choose during their free time. I make advance reservations to a restaurant during free time and extend an invitation to the group members, especially to our single travelers, to join me if they wish.”