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Planners Talk Back: Dream Retirement Locations

We asked travel planners, “What is your dream location for retirement?”


Pamela Stange

Sterling Federal Bank | Four Seasons Club

Dixon, Illinois

Our children and grandson live in the Branson, Missouri, area. The opportunities for all sorts of outdoor activities and, certainly, the celebrated entertainment are terrific in this area. My husband and I also like the area for our antiquing and junking hobbies. In addition, the taxes are favorable.

I plan on working for as long as I can, but I love the climate and scenery in this part of Missouri.


Pamela Rigsby

Athens State University 

Alumni Travel Planner  |  Soohoo and Associates With Cruise One of Commerce

Huntsville, Alabama

I love the peaceful tranquility and carefree lifestyle in the Tuscany area of Italy. It’s absolutely gorgeous, there is lots of culture and history, and in addition, I’m a foodie. The food there is the best.

Being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will be very important to me.


Lynda Stenseng 

First National Bank  |  55 Connection

Bemidji, Minnesota

Retirement for me would be to put my favorite places on my calendar and spend time in each place. I don’t think I could retire in one spot.

My time would be spent mostly in European countries like Italy, England and France — that would be awesome. But I’d spend some time in the Smoky Mountains and enjoy all the beauty that part of the country offers.


Sybil Wooten 

Hometown Bank  |  Varsity Club

Corbin, Kentucky

I want to retire right where I live. Keavy, Kentucky, is between London and Corbin.

I live on a family farm in the country, and every time I have the chance to go outside and sit and observe the birds and the animals, I’m in heaven.

Family, including my daughter, niece and cousins, are all around, and I even feel that all our neighbors are family. We all go to church together and enjoy after-church Sunday dinners. I can’t think of a lovelier place to retire.

While I love nearly every place I’ve had the opportunity to experience on this job, there is no place like home.


Deb Connor

Community First Bank  |  Premier Club

Keosauqua, Iowa

Ideally, I’d like to retire someplace where it never goes below 60 degrees or gets above 80 degrees — someplace perfect.

No place will probably fulfill that wish, so I think I’d pick Charleston, South Carolina. With the Southern charm, old mansions, and horses and buggies, that place is awesome. Plus, it’s close to the beach.


Betty Sue Tatum

Atlantic Coast Bank
Primetime Millionaires Club

Waycross, Georgia

Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in northern Florida has been our home away from home our entire lives. It is only 75 miles away and close to home and family.

We have had the best time enjoying the great food and fishing every Fourth of July for the past 40 years. The area has gorgeous condos, and I can just imagine myself retiring in one of those beautiful homes.