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Planner’s Talk Back: Dining Experiences

Select Traveler asked these group leaders “What is a memorable dining experience you’ve had with your group?” Here are their responses.


Chris Harris, Club Manager

Classic Club at Central Bank, Jefferson City, Missouri

“While in Istanbul on a Mediterranean cruise, our tour guide took us to lunch on the top level of a boutique hotel with a panoramic view of the city overlooking Hagia Sofia on one side and our cruise ship docked against the skyline of the city on the other side. I was excited to try the local Turkish food, but the view was definitely the highlight.”


Robin Albing, Director of Lifelong Learning

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

“On cruises, our travelers are often hesitant to explore dining options away from the ship. I love to take them to some of my own favorite spots when we have a chance, like a little open-faced sandwich shop in Copenhagen or my preferred spot for high tea in London. For more adventurous travelers on our recent trip to India, I first took them to my favorite upscale restaurant in Delhi [Bukhara] and, the next day, deep into Old Delhi to Karim’s for the best butter chicken in the world.”


Cathy Stauffer, Club Director

Legacy Club at Bank of the Flint Hills, Wamego, Kansas

“We get together quarterly to celebrate members’ birthdays at a local steakhouse. If it is their birthday quarter, their lunch is on the bank; if not and they would like to join us, they pay for their own meal. Usually, we have about 40 to 45 attend every quarter.”

Shellie Andersen, Director of Travel and Business Development

Traveling Cyclones  at Iowa State University Alumni Association, Ames, Iowa

“One of the most memorable dining experiences I had was while traveling in Turkey. We ate at a home of a local family. I was new to the travel business, and being able to experience the amazing food and hospitality of a local resident in Turkey still sticks with me. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was perfect, and I will never forget that experience.”


Kathy Scego, Program Director

Memory Makers at Maries County Bank, Vienna, Missouri

“We traveled to New Glarus, Wisconsin, and had a welcome dinner at the New Glarus Inn with great food and fun entertainment. We enjoyed the alphorn and all the Swiss traditional foods and music.”