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Personal accounts: Mastering tech and travel


Facebook friends and more 

The Scherers took over Travel Masters shortly after 9/11 and proceeded to achieve growth in membership and trips even during those years of travel jitters. Their harmonious and fun-loving partnership is a key to their success, as are their savvy skills at the computer keyboard. In-house, they produce their quarterly 12-page, full-color newsletters and immediately email those newsletters to nearly 500 Travel Master members.

“Thirty minutes after it is finished, it is available for anyone who walks in the door,” Marsha said.

The newsletter is jammed with detailed trip descriptions, complete with enticing photos downloaded from destinations and banner travel advertisements with all-you-need-to-know information. The bank’s branch locations and appropriate phone numbers are tastefully placed throughout along with Marsha’s favorite quote: “Happiness is a way of travel, not just a destination!”

And Frank writes a regular column for the newsletter, “Callin’ It Like I See It,” a reference to his love of baseball, with tips on travel scams and more.

Marsha also produces a calendar every November that posts all the trips and events for the upcoming year. Using inviting photos from destinations and even including coupons for the local casino, this handy “wish list” typically is hung in customer’s homes, where Marsha is confident that the bank information “is in front of them every day of the year.”

“We can do this not only because we produce it in-house but because we plan 12 months in advance,” she said.

“And if we didn’t have it, we’d be in trouble, because our customers love it,” added Frank.

For every trip, each traveler receives a photographic journal: a DVD set to music. On the Travel Masters Facebook page, Marsha posts photos even while they are on the road so that contacts back home can see their loved ones in the midst of their adventures. And naturally, Travel Masters has its own website.

“Technology is one of our favorite hobbies,” Marsha said. “It just so happens that this hobby is extremely beneficial to Travel Masters and the bank.”