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Personal accounts: Great timing for the Texas Travelers

A worldwide education
Texas Travelers do enjoy trips of a lifetime, and Holm’s personal bucket list is nearly overflowing with fulfilled dreams.

“Egypt was just phenomenal. While I don’t know if I’d take a group there now with the furor, it was a place I always wanted to see. I had taught about all these antiquities, and it was beyond words to see that historical destination in person.

“And European river cruises? How fabulous is it to enjoy multiple places, unpack only once, eat great food, be on a vessel with a small number of people and have all the excursions included? As an avid shopper, it was the best way to enjoy the Christmas markets.

“And seeing Holland and Belgium in bloom in the spring? It was so beautiful, I couldn’t stand it.”

Holm loves the river cruise concept so much that along with her husband, Ralph, she recently took a 12-day cruise that included all of Scandinavia. “Not only did we see all the Baltic capitals, but we spent time with a foreign exchange student we had known when he was going to school in our hometown.

“What a great experience to see this young man, now married with a family of his own,” she said.

The hometown expert

Despite a busy schedule, Holm is active teaching Sunday school and singing in her church choir. She is also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an organization for key women educators.

She is also active in her hometown Texas City Heritage Association, and fellow Texans may want to keep an eye out for a book in their library titled “Texas City, Centennial, 1911-2011: Celebrating Its Past, Present and Future.” Holm and another retired English teacher spent five months researching, writing and editing this labor of love for free.

Describing her passion for this project, she said, “I’m exhausted, physically and mentally, from the work, but I’ve learned so much about this city, a city rich with history, from hurricanes to industrial mishaps. I’ve lived here all my life, and it’s been exciting to learn about the individuals and events that have shaped this community.”