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Oceania to run themed cruises

Courtesy Oceania Cruises

Culinary, wine, music and health themes are coming to the Oceania cruises in 2012. Called “Signature Sailings,” these 10 voyages will incorporate various themes into the cruise with seminars, classes, concerts, wine tastings and other activities relating to the theme.

“While groups that share the same interests have regularly sailed with Oceania Cruises in the past, our new Signature Sailings create a special opportunity for guests to experience the cruise in the company of fellow travelers who share their passion for the theme,” said Bruce Himelstein, president of Oceania.

One themed cruise, the Spring Music Fest, will feature six musicians performing staged concerts and casual jam sessions. Dance parties and classes will also be offered. The Nautica’s Spring Music Fest cruise will depart from Athens to Barcelona on May 14 for 10 days.

Vitality and Wellness cruises will happen on the Regatta’s 10-day Venice to Athens cruise on August 8, and on the Riviera’s 10-day Rome to Venice cruise on October 24. Passengers can choose how they want to stay active on these cruise with classes available in spinning, yoga and Pilates. Healthy eating and fitness tips will also be delivered in a variety of ways during the trip.

The Italian Wine Immersion Cruise in July 2012, will sail from Rome to Venice on the Regatta to surround passengers with the wine culture. Lectures, tastings and wine bars will feature guest experts and music concerts.

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