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New customers are priority one

Adcox at the Swiss Alps

No rest in retirement
Adcox sets high standards not only for herself but also for her destinations. On one occasion, after a disappointing day trip, she decided to give each of the participating travelers a discount on another excursion.

“When you’re relying on information that others have given you about a destination, it doesn’t always work out well. Like any of our trips, this one was my responsibility, and it was my responsibility to make up this disappointing day to my group,” she said.

Carrie Eason, vice president of marketing and sales at Priority One, chimed in: “It’s that kind of attitude with this mama of the big brood that makes Doris so successful. She is so sensitive to her customers and hones into their emotions.

“The job is hard work. There are so many components to the job, and everyone is watching what you’re doing. I’ll tell you that our CEO not only loves Doris but loves the fact he commonly sees us in area newspapers thanks to her diligence in sending out press releases.

“Doris is so flexible; she’s hilarious and takes her job very seriously,” Eason said.

Adcox is also taking her soon-to-be-retired status very seriously, although she did joke about the honey-do list that she guesstimates will take six months for her and her husband of 48 years, Harold, to complete.

“We live in the country on what was my grandparents’ farm,” she said. “My sister lives close by, and we rent some of the land for cattle-raising. I love the outdoors, where I can see for miles; I love gardening, hearing the birds and just being at home.

“I can’t wait to enjoy the outside, spend lots of time with our grandkids and perhaps volunteer at a hospital, and possibly even work part time at a nursery or flower shop. I’ll also be happy to come back to the bank on those occasions they might need me.

“Whatever, there will be no rocking chair for me,” she said.

Eason, who also is Adcox’s boss, summed up her feelings and made it clear she was speaking for Diamonds members.

“For me, the best part of my job at the bank has been being Doris’ friend. While we’ll still get to see her, on a day-to-day-basis we are going to miss her terribly.”