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The Group Travel Leader Small Market Meetings Going on Faith

Keynote addresses travel personalities

Brian Jewell
BankTravel 2013 bank director delegates learned a lot about their travelers during a seminar titled “The Six Travel Personalities” by Bank Travel Management executive editor Brian Jewell. Jewell has identified six primary types of travelers that make up many groups in today’s world.

“Epicureans travels with their senses,” Jewell told the delegates. “These travelers want to enjoy sensory experiences they can taste or hear or feel. They may look forward to their meals more than any other part of the trip because they want to sample local foods or wines. I know, because I am an epicurean traveler.”

Jewell went on to describe other personalities such as pilgrims, learners and adventurers. His premise is that unlike with “one-size-fits-all” group travel in the past, travel planners must account for all these types of travelers today or run the risk of having members of their group end up bored or dissatisfied with their travel experiences.

“Trips used to be ‘something for everyone,’” he told attendees. “Today, the traveler’s mindset is ‘everything for me.’ You have to bring choices into your trips to personalize your destinations.”

Six Travel Personalities Presentation

Jewell joined the staff of The Group Travel Leader Inc. He assumed the position of executive editor for all the company’s magazines in July.