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Encourage Mothers and Daughters to Travel Together

When mothers and daughters travel together, special things can happen.

Mother-daughter trips can create lasting memories and incredible bonds. And as daughters grow into adults and become busy with their own lives, traveling together can help renew connections that are too often neglected.

As a travel planner, you can play a pivotal role in helping mothers and their adult daughters forge new connections on your trips. The key is for them to take small steps to make those experiences possible and pain-free 

When you, as a travel planner, receive the call that a traveler would like to take one of your trips with her daughter, you know there’s a chance it won’t work out well. Many times, when mothers and daughters travel together, they don’t see eye to eye and don’t enjoy the trip as they should.

That’s where you come in. With a little bit of coaching, you can help ensure their trip will make memories that lasts forever and create a deeper bond. Here are some tips travel planners can share with mother-daughter duos to help facilitate that. 

Tip #1: Talk it Through

In the weeks before your tour departs, call your daughter and talk about the trip. The two of you must take the time to discuss your expectations. If this isn’t your first time traveling with your group travel planner, take the time to tell your daughter about the routines and what it’s like traveling in a group. Group travel can be very different for someone who has not traveled this way, but if you explain it ahead of time, she will enjoy it to the fullest and appreciate the benefits of group travel. 

Discuss the itinerary together, making notes of the scheduled free time, and look up things to do. Remember, your daughter might want to do something different than you, so prepare to be flexible. Remember to keep your daughter updated with any information about the trip. Make sure she feels included in the process. It also allows the two of you time to adjust your plans and expectations together. 

You’re investing a lot in this trip with your daughter, so you should prioritize her experience as you go. You might have to set your interests aside for this one, depending on how much the two of you agree on how to spend your time on the road. 

Tip #2: Depart Early

It’s the morning of departure — time to get to your meeting point. Whether you’re rendezvousing with a bus or meeting your group at the airport, get there with plenty of time to spare. If your daughter isn’t an experienced traveler, she may not understand how important it is to allow plenty of time at the point of departure. Adult daughters often live fast-paced lives and can be accustomed to arriving just on time. Discuss the importance of being early for your trip. Let her know that check-in is necessary and that in the world of group travel arriving on time is considered late. Coming ahead of schedule will allow the two of you to begin the trip unrushed and with a soft start. The beginning of your trip often sets the tone for what’s to come. 

Tip #3: Stay Positive

Please keep in mind that unexpected things often happen on the road, so you shouldn’t allow them to get you in a negative mood. You might have to reset your attitude when problems arise. Staying positive will help you have a great experience with your daughter. Keep the negativity at home; she doesn’t want her time off work to be difficult. She needs to refresh on this trip and have a great time with her mother. Adult children often have few vacation days and want to make the most of their travels. The best way to have a great trip together is to be flexible and roll with the circumstances.

Tip #4: Savor the Experience

Enjoy the special time away with your daughter — it has the possibility to change your relationship for the better. Everyone needs an escape from time to time, especially young women like your daughter during busy times in life. Do your best to accommodate her interests and preferences. You took the step of inviting your daughter on this trip, recognizing it would be an experience you both would enjoy. This trip could be exactly what she needs. Each night before bed, review your day and talk about the highlights. Recalling each day together helps you remember those moments for years to come.

Most importantly, allow each other to have fun. Mentally prepare before the trip and, if required, focus on peace and positivity each day. Throughout your trip, put your phone away and take mental snapshots of your surroundings with your daughter

These tips will help you as a planner prepare your mother-daughter travelers for travel experiences they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Ashley Runyon

Ashley Taylor is a longtime bank and travel club planner. She lives in Ashland, Kentucky, with her family of six.