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Dynamic Speakers Highlight Select Traveler Conference

Meagan Johnson: Addressing the Generation Gap

Most travel planners know how different age groups interpret life, technology, relationships and travel. What works for a baby boomer makes no sense for a millennial, what works for a mature market consumer doesn’t work at all for a Gen X’er, and on and on.

For travel planners, generational differences often spell the difference for whether a trip goes or doesn’t. Older travelers want everything planned and ready to go; younger travelers want choices and the option to do their own thing. Bridging the gap on a trip can be a balancing act.

That’s why Meagan Johnson will appear as our keynote speaker at the 2016 Select Traveler Conference, which takes place February 7-9, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Johnson is a Gen X’er, but she is also a “generational expert,” and she loves to entertain delegations with her insights about the differences in America’s age groups.

To put it into her words, Johnson enjoys sharing how different generations can “live and, most importantly, work together successfully without name-calling or bloodshed.”

“Our generations and the gaps that separate them are in constant flux,” she said. “What worked last year probably won’t work today. The potential for collision, conflict and confusion between the generations has never been greater, and the chasm is growing wider every day we ignore the problem.”

Johnson learned her craft at some of the best places. With marketing experience working for major consumer names like Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods and Xerox, Johnson often heard stereotypical comments about Gen X’ers like, they are all “slackers” or “gold-collar workers.” She set about disproving a lot of demographic stereotypes in her acclaimed book “Generations Inc.: From Boomers to Linksters — Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work.”

Dean Lindsay: Creating Loyalty to Your Program

Selected by the Dallas Business Journal as one of “Dallas-Fort Worth’s Rising Stars Under 40 in the Business World Today,” Dean Lindsay earns a lot of accolades across the country for his dynamic delivery and personal engagement with audiences. Lindsay hails from Texas and will bring his sales, service and networking expertise to Little Rock for all attendees to enjoy when he addresses the Select Traveler Conference in February.

“Dean Lindsay is perfect for our crowd,” said Select Traveler Conference CEO Joe Cappuzzello. “We have just the type of attendees he has rapport with: smart, ambitious and willing to take on challenges. I think our group will love him.”

Here are just a couple of Lindsay’s presentations that validate his appearance at the Select Traveler Conference:

• “Earning and Maintaining Customer Loyalty in a Down Economy”

• “Service Is Everything: Showing Customers and Co-Workers You Know What Matters Most”

A cum laude graduate of the University of North Texas, Dean has served on that university’s executive advisory board for its Department of Marketing and Logistics. He is also a featured contributor to both Executive Travel, and Sales and Service Excellence magazines. He also contributes to the nationally distributed audio publication Selling Power Live.

Join us in Little Rock, February 7-9, for the Select Traveler Conference to network with your industry peers, learn about new travel destinations and enjoy Lindsay’s dynamic message.

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