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Conference is rebranded as Select Traveler Conference

The BankTravel Conference will be rebranded in Huntsville, Alabama, as the Select Traveler Conference to reflect the event’s expansion into additional top-tier travel segments. The Bank Travel Management magazine was rebranded with this January/February issue, and the conference will follow suit in March.

“Our banks have been handling a ‘select’ group of travelers for many years,” said conference chairman Charlie Presley. “Ever since our first BankTravel Conference at the Opryland Hotel in 1996, bank loyalty program directors have distinguished themselves as organizers of a very select clientele — and have been taking those customers on first-class trips across America and the world. Banks will always be the founding component of this conference and a primary focus of our future efforts.”

Like this magazine, the conference will be opened to two specific travel segments that offer upscale travel programs for their members as well. Alumni travel planners and chamber of commerce travel planners will be invited to attend the conference in Huntsville and will be introduced to the conference’s highly regarded marketplace, educational sessions and networking opportunities.

“These groups are also distinguishing themselves with top-flight travel programs both domestically and internationally,” said conference partner Mac Lacy. “Like the travelers with our bank directors, the customers of these groups are both professionals who are still active in their careers and retired travelers as well. These planners also use well-known travel companies and boutique tour operators that provide a select level of service. It will be both fun and exciting to add a few of these new faces to the conference in March.”

Huntsville is home to America’s space exploration efforts and is known internationally as Rocket City USA. Among many other activities, delegates will gather at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for a gala opening event.

“We have a wonderful lineup of speakers, tour operators and travel destinations already onboard for the conference in Huntsville,” said Presley. “We look forward to a great turnout of our many BankTravel friends from banks across the country, and we hope to add a few new planners from these other spheres as well. We’ll see everyone in Huntsville.”

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