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The Group Travel Leader Small Market Meetings Going on Faith

Conference breakouts will review our magazine

The 2013 BankTravel Banker Breakout Sessions will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 5, before the opening Super Session in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Long-recognized as one of the most valuable features of the conference, these breakout sessions allow small groups of noncompeting banks to share information about sales, marketing, operations, technology and other topics pertinent to running successful bank loyalty programs.

“The energy level at these opening sessions is always very high,” said BankTravel Conference partner Mac Lacy. “The sessions are relaxed and informal but also have structured agendas that ensure a common thread of discussion for all the banks in attendance. Then we send the complete proceedings back out to all attendees so that they gain the ideas of dozens of other banks that are up against the same issues they are. These sessions really work well.”

This year’s agendas will include sections on marketing, operations and trends, plus a review of Bank Travel Management magazine for the purpose of improving this popular magazine that is read by employees of more than 4,000 banks across America.

“We’re going to ask bankers at the table to flip through an issue of the magazine and identify for us the features they find most useful and least useful. We’ll actually have them rate all content so we can identify the priorities for future issues. And we’ll ask them to list new ideas for editorial to be considered. We plan to use this information immediately — in 2013.”

If your bank has not registered to attend the 2013 BankTravel Conference in Virginia Beach, register today. Visit, send an email to or call Teresa Burton at 330-332-3841.