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Checking in with Norma Lansing

Pampering With Purpose

Though the chamber advertises their travel program with social media and co-op advertising in local media outlets, Lansing said the real key to gaining repeat travelers is customer care.

“What we hear a lot is that we take really good care of our travelers,” said Lansing. “It’s a two-hour drive from our community to the airport, so we always have a bus available to avoid worries about driving and parking. We also try to communicate directly with people who have signed up for the trip. We have an in-person presentation, but if someone can’t come to that, we have webinars to make sure everyone has access to all the information.”

Lansing also prioritizes upfront pricing to avoid unpleasant surprise fees.

“One time we were in China and decided to stop and do something extra,” said Lansing. “We found out it was going to cost something because it wasn’t on the itinerary. I just paid for it myself because that wasn’t a planned expense. I want people to feel comfortable and not feel like they are being overcharged.”

Over the past five years, the travel program has paid off in both revenue and relationships.

“I love coming back from a tour and receiving nice thank-you notes from the travelers,” said Lansing. “I like reading the comments about how they can’t wait for the next trip. That’s my favorite part of hosting a travel group.”

Travel Tips

Take good care of your travelers before, during and after the trip. Our travelers know they can come to me or my husband during the trip for assistance.

Offer good value for the money. Cover as many add-on activities as possible.

Keep them informed along the way. I want the surprises along the way to be enjoyable ones.