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Checking in with Kathryn Hoyt

Fast Facts about Kathryn Hoyt

Kathryn Hoyt is the Co-Owner of TravelKatz and plans trips for the Christian Chamber of Commerce Tampa Bay

in Clearwater, Florida.

With over 100 members, the Christian Chamber of Commerce Tampa Bay focuses on “unifying Christian businesses for the glory of the Lord.” The chamber offers members networking opportunities and training and ministry opportunities. Kathryn Hoyt and her business partner, Sandra Holder, began planning trips for the chamber when their TravelKatz travel agency became a member three years ago. The chamber’s travel program is open to all members, friends, family and anyone wanting to learn more about the Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Employment: Hoyt worked several jobs as an office administrative assistant before becoming a travel agent 11 years ago. In 2013, she started TravelKatz with Holder, who also came with several years of experience as a travel agent.

Family: Two sons and two grandchildren

Hobbies: Golf, bridge, football and NASCAR



With the wind in her hair and sweeping views of the rolling Mississippi River before her, Kathryn Hoyt felt like she could spend the rest of her days on a river boat. Since her father worked as a towboat captain, she practically grew up on the river.

Though she dreamed of becoming a boat captain as a child, once an adult, she felt her calling wasn’t limited to voyaging up the river but in helping people explore the world. In 2013, she and Sandra Holder started TravelKatz, a travel agency that specializes in group travel and plans the travel for the Christian Chamber of Commerce Tampa Bay.

“We’re living out our bucket lists through the trips we prepare for our clients,” said Hoyt. “It’s been a unique experience. When we found the Christian Chamber of Commerce, we knew that was where we should be.”

After having taken a risk together to start their own travel company, Hoyt and Holder continue to embrace the unknown with creative chamber group trips and innovative marketing ventures.

Diving In

Hoyt long held hopes of becoming a travel agent but couldn’t find the right timing.

“As a young mother, the money wasn’t there, so I lived my life and went on to other things,” she said. “So when Sandra introduced me to a host travel agency company, I seized the moment and became a travel agent.”

When Hoyt and Holder attended the same seminar with cruise marketing specialist Lou Edwards, they learned about the benefits and challenges of planning group travel.

“That’s when Sandra and I came together as a company,” said Hoyt. “We weren’t doing as well as we wanted separately, so we thought maybe it was time to work together. There were things she could do that I couldn’t and vice versa. We started CruizeKatz, which became TravelKatz when we started planning land tours a year later.”

Edwards helped the pair write a book on group travel called “Group Travel Made Easy” to teach others how to work with travel companies to plan group trips. The book tells Hoyt’s and Holders’ personal stories and includes travel ideas and tips for group leaders.