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Checking In With Cecilia McCamish

Stayin’ Alive

The members of McCamish’s family can expound upon their own travel tales, a few of which include listening to strictly Bee Gees music while being held captive during a cross-country trip.

“My husband describes me as ‘obsessed,’” McCamish said. “I fell in love with the Bee Gees after their rise in popularity during the disco era. I started buying their CDs, then went on eBay and bought their lunchboxes, an Andy Gibb doll, puzzles, 45 records — enough to fill a room dedicated to the Bee Gees. I’m sure I paid entirely too much money for some of this stuff.

“But my daughter, Brianne, will relate the story of driving home from California when the only music in the car came from Bee Gees CDs. My husband was about to kill me, and she did nothing but roll her eyes.

“But today, I get a kick out of the fact that Brianne admits that she kind of likes to hear Bee Gees songs because the music reminds her of that trip.

“Now, my husband? That’s another story.”


Profile of Cecilia McCamish

Travel Group: Funchasers at Security State Bank

Littlefield, Texas

Headquartered in Littlefield, Security State Bank has two branches in the vicinity. This privately owned community bank has assets of $120 million.

Born: Amherst, Texas

Education: Associate’s degree in accounting from South Plains College.

Employment:  McCamish has been employed at Security State Bank for 24 years. She handles new accounts, including those in the debit card program. She has been director of Funchasers for seven years.

Family: Husband of 40 years, Boyd. Together they have a son, Brandon; a daughter, Brianne; and four grandchildren.

Hobbies: McCamish and her husband never miss certain crime and comedy television shows, and they enjoy traveling together. In addition, McCamish admits to having “an obsession” with the musical group the Bee Gees.


Travel Tips from Cecilia McCamish

• Be ready for problems, especially with airline schedules. On long treks with connections, there are bound to be problems.

• Go to places you want to see. When a destination interests you, you’ll be much more enthusiastic when selling it.

• Have a good time, relax and make new friends.