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The Group Travel Leader Small Market Meetings Going on Faith

Breakouts Help to Break the Ice

Thanks to the capable oversight of moderators Joyce Kappe of Amegy Bank in Houston and Keli Mulkey of Peoples Bank of Cuba in Missouri, this year’s Travel Director Breakout Session provided an hour and a half of valuable idea and information exchange between more than 120 planners for banks, chambers of commerce and alumni associations.

This was the first year that all three types of planners attended the new Select Traveler Conference, and discussing the topics allowed the different approaches to be compared. When the session wrapped up, conference staff gathered 15 sets of comprehensive minutes from different tables for compilation. All attendees will receive the complete analysis of the minutes in the coming weeks at no charge as a benefit of attending the conference.

As a result of requests after the session in Huntsville, the three groups will have their own breakout sessions in Nashville in 2015 to allow each group to examine specific issues and ideas in depth.