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Breakout Sessions review magazine

Thanks to a great session moderated by Sam Burrell of Community and Southern Bank in Ellijay, Georgia, and Kay Estep of F&M Trust in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Bank Travel Management received a thorough review by its most important readers: the banks that carry thousands of groups throughout America and the world each year.

“We appreciate the time our bank delegates gave to reviewing Bank Travel Management,” said publisher Mac Lacy. “We gained valuable insight that will improve America’s only magazine published for bank travel directors.”

Here are the top-rated features based on a numerical ranking from one to 10, with 10 being the highest:

1. Marketing Your Loyalty Program    8.9
2. Domestic Travel Features        8.7
3. International Travel Features    8.3
4. Bankers Talk Back            8.1
5. BankTravel Buzz            7.9

Here are a few interesting insights that came up numerous times:

• “The articles are too long. Keep them short and concise.”

• “Add articles on how to use technology and apps.”

• “Want more articles from actual bank groups.”

• “Like any help we can get when it comes to marketing.”

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