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Breakout Sessions Planned for Select Traveler

Long one of the most popular sessions at the Select Traveler Conference, the Buyer Breakout Sessions give travel planners an hour and a half to discuss anything and everything about how they do their jobs in a noncompetitive environment. This year’s breakout sessions will kick off the 2015 Select Traveler Conference with a wide-ranging discussion that volunteers will moderate.

“There isn’t any other venue all year long that allows bank, chamber and alumni travel directors to sit down together and pick each others’ brains,” said conference partner Mac Lacy. “This session alone is worth the time it takes to join us at the conference for most travel planners. It’s always helpful to talk with other people about how they do what you do in a friendly, noncompetitive environment. It’s a great way to kick off a new travel year.”

This year’s breakout sessions will explore some timely topics that travel professionals at every level are grappling with.

• Ebola — Fact and Fiction for Travelers Today

This epidemic is mostly confined to a small part of West Africa, but travelers have become skittish about African travel as a result. Discuss the best ways to overcome irrational fears about travel to the African continent.

• The Middle East Fact and Fiction for Travelers Today

How are your compatriots in the travel field dealing with irrational fears about traveling to Israel, Jordan, Dubai and other popular and safe Middle East destinations?

• Decreasing Fuel Prices — What Does That Mean for Travel?

Are travelers going to save money on gasoline and spend money on travel? Many may believe they have some extra discretionary dollars for trips this year. Join that discussion with your peers.

• Travel to Cuba — Is Now the Time to Take Your Group? 

International relationships are improving, and some of your peers have already gone. Hear their stories about this fascinating destination just 80 miles from our border.

Many other sessions will be based on your groups interests.

“Our staff will be there to facilitate these discussions, and we’ll have volunteer moderators to run the breakouts as always,” said Lacy. “This year, banks, chambers and alumni directors will have their own sessions as a group. There is no better way to learn from your peers than by attending the Select Traveler Conference and sitting in on these conversations.”

The Select Traveler Conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, February 8-10.

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