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Blue Man Group Invites Guests On Stage

Guests can attempt the Blue Man Group’s famous marshmallow toss as part of a new onstage experience for the show at Monte Carlo.

The $299 per person experience includes a 90-minute onstage tour of the shows instruments and props led by the cast and crew of the show. Groups learn about the show’s signature PVC and percussion instruments. Cast and crew encourage guest to any questions they want during the tour.

Participants also see if they can master the marshmallow toss by trying to catch thrown marshmallows in their mouths, as the Blue Man Group does during the live show.

The package includes a premium view ticket to any performance, a post-show backstage private meet-and-greet with select members of the cast and crew, a complimentary drink in the theater, a show t-shirt and a luminescent souvenir.

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