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Big Bear Lake winery opens as highest-altitude vineyard in the northern hemisphere


BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. – Sitting atop a mountain at 6,750 feet, Stone Summit Vineyard will open on July 4 as the highest-altitude commercial vineyard and winery in the northern hemisphere. The honor had previously gone to Terror Creek Vineyard in Colorado at 6,417 feet.

Stone Summit Vineyard began planting grapevines in May 2012 and has since planted more than 2,000 vines. It takes two or more years before grapes reach proper maturity levels to produce wine on site. Until then, the vineyard is using grapes grown in Napa Valley and California’s central coast to begin bottling wines under its label.

On July 4, the vineyard will pour Big Bear Lake’s first-ever commercial wine. The public can sample its first batch of Moscato house wine at the vineyard’s tasting room called The Wine Room at Wolf Creek Resort.

“We’re taking all the necessary steps to produce very special wines at our high-altitude vineyard,” said David Stone, owner of Stone Summit Vineyard. “We just have to wait a couple years for our vines to produce. For the time being however, we are ready to introduce the world to our first house wines, which have been fermenting here on site.”

High-altitude vineyards are known for producing distinctive aromas and flavors due to UV Rays, temperatures and other climate factors. The vineyard plans to produce Cabernet, Riesling, Chardonnay and Merlot wines.

The Wine Room not only features Stone Summit Vineyard’s new house wines, but also craft beer and more than 300 different wines from around the world.

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