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BankTravel seminar to focus on travel personalities

Brian Jewell, executive editor of Bank Travel Management magazine, will address delegates at the opening session of the BankTravel Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, regarding six common travel personalities that bankers may encounter within their groups. The session will take place on the afternoon of February 5 following the traditional banker breakout sessions that open the conference.

“Brian has proven himself as a very compelling seminar presenter, and we’re excited about his sharing some fascinating concepts he has developed during his travels,” said BankTravel Conference president and CEO Joe Cappuzzello. “I believe our bankers will recognize many of these personalities from their own travel groups.”

“In my nine years as a travel writer and editor for The Group Travel Leader, Inc., I have discovered six dominant travel personalities that bank travel program planners are likely to encounter in their work,” said Jewell. “Knowing and understanding these personalities allows the bank director to offer better experiences to a diverse group of people. And the better one’s experience is, the more likely he or she is to join the bank for a group trip again.”

Jewell identifies the following personalities to watch and plan for:
•    The Pilgrim
•    The Epicurean
•    The Adventurer
•    The Connector
•    The Learner
•    The Vacationer

“Knowing the travel personalities in your bank program membership can help you to create focused ‘minitours’ that highlight one or two areas of interest,” said Jewell. “And any destination can be packaged to appeal to any travel personality; it just takes some legwork and creative thinking.”

Jewell joined the staff of The Group Travel Leader, Inc., in 2004 after spending a year as a freelancer for the publishing company. He has been the executive editor of Bank Travel Management since July, when he assumed the position of executive editor for all magazines within the Lexington, Kentucky-based company.

Bank program directors may register for the conference, which takes place February 5-7, by contacting Teresa Burton at 330-337-1027 or